Concerts and Events


March 22—Brooklyn, NY, 7:30, Mise-en-Place, solo piano double bill with Riley Nicholson, works by Cage, Takemitsu, and Ichiyanagi

April 18—Los Angeles, CA, 8pm, Broad Museum, Cross-Hatched Series: Impresarios, Inc. with John LaBarbara: works by Wolff, Feldman and Cage.

April 20th—San Diego, CA, 7:30 p.m., Fresh Sounds | Bread & Salt,  program TBA,

April 22nd—New York, NY, time TBA (cc.9am), American Museum of Natural History, from Messiaen’s Catalogue d’Oiseaux

May 19—New York, NY, time TBA, Symphony Space, Bernstein Wall-to-Wall, performing Touches

June 3—New York, NY, 6:30pm, Greenwich House Music School, solo recital of music by Robert Palmer

June 21st—Berkeley, CA, time TBA, Chapel of the Chimes, Garden of Memory Summer Solstice Concert

June 28th—Berkeley CA, time TBA, Berkeley Arts Museum, program TBA 


March 14—Los Angeles, CA, 8pm, Broad Museum, Cross-Hatched Series, Usuyuki | Johns in Japan: works by Cage, Takemitsu, Ichiyanagi, Ono, Kosugi, June Paik, Shiomi

March 1st—San Francisco, CA, 6:00 p.m., San Francisco Conservatory Sol Joseph Recital Hall, Cheap Imitation: a lecture/discussion/performance of music by John Cage

February 28th—Los Angeles, CA, 8pm, Broad Museum: Cross-Hatched Series, Incidents an Echoes, Jasper Johns + John Cage: all-Cage solo works for piano, prepared piano, toy piano

February 17th—Brooklyn, NY, 8pm, Issue Project Room: Synchretic Series: solo works by David Lang, Frances White, Elodie Lauten and Tom Johnson

January 28th—New York, NY, 8pm., The Knockdown Center, presented by The Kitchen, Crazy / Evil / Gay, works by Julius Eastman

January 26th—Chicago, IL, 7:30pm, PianoForte, all-Cage solo recital

January 25th—Chicago, IL, 6pm, Art Institute of Chicago, with Boomerang Dance, music by Cage, Lang

January 20th—New York, NY, 7pm, Greenwich House Music School, BRING THEM HOME, works by Cage, Ives, Rzewski, presented by Tenth Intervention

December 14th—New York, NY, 5pm, Steinway Hall, Legacy Arts International Launch

December 13th—Brooklyn, NY, Roulette, UnCaged Toy Piano Festival, Automotoy, John Cage’s Music for Amplified Toy Pianos

December 8th—New York, NY, 8pm, DiMenna Center for Classical Music, UnCaged Toy Piano Festival, All Toy In C, Terry Riley

December 2nd—Brooklyn, NY, 11pm, Areté opening party, performing works by Cage, Muhly and Johnson

November 20—Brooklyn, NY, 7:30, Microscope Gallery, Tribute to Morton Feldman

November 3rd—New York, NY, 7pm, Third Street Music School Settlement, Cole Porter’s “Within the Quota” for two pianos

November 2nd—Boston, MA, 7pm, MIGRATIONS, Gardner Museum, works by Nico Muhly, Cole Porter

August 4— New York, NY, 7:00, Rubin Museum, 10,000 to One: A Tribute to John Cage’s Buddhism-Inspired Work with Adam Tendler (featuring 31’57.9864” for a pianist, 34’46.776” for a pianist, 0’00”, and One)

July—London, UK, [private] 4’33” live recording with studio audience, City University, in conjunction with Edition Peters and Tido, including a recording session of works by Bach, CPE Bach, Beach, Beethoven, Brahms, Cage, Crumb, Grieg, Griffes, Harrison, Hovhaness, MacDowell, and Satie

June 22—New York, NY, 4 p.m., Washington Square Park, Make Music New Work, works by Glass and Terry Riley

June 13th-25th—New York, NY, Joyce Theatre, LA Dance Project, featuring Music for Piano by John Cage

May 29th—Gualala, CA,  Gualala Arts Center,1 p.m., concert of works by the Artists at Albatross Reach

May 25th—San Francisco, CA, 7:00 p.m., Bach’s complete Well-Tempered Clavier with 24 Pianists

May 19th—Philadelphia, PA, 8 p.m., Julius Eastman Retrospective: That Which is Fundamental

May 5th—Brooklyn, NY, 7:00 p.m., National Sawdust, Tenth Intervention: Anxiety, Ecstasy, Fear, Chaos, Sensuality

April 26th—New York, NY, 8:00 p.m., The Kitchen, MATA Festival, 88 Keys Open Many Doors

April 20th—Houston, TX, 7:00 p.m., Rothko Chapel, works by Brown, Poleukhina, Sdraulig, Feldman, Muhly and Glass

March 26th—Montpelier, VT, 4:00 p.m., Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier Chamber Orchestra, Bach’s Concerto No. 4 in A Major & Henryk Gorecki’s Piano Concerto

March 25th—Waterbury, VT, 7:00 p.m., Waterbury Congregational Church, Montpelier Chamber Orchestra, Bach’s Concerto No. 4 in A Major & Henryk Gorecki’s Piano Concerto

March 12—San Francisco, CA, 7:30 p.m. Center for New Music, “still.” Works by Poleukhina, Sdraulig, Cage and Feldman

February 10th—New York, NY, Italian Academy, Columbia University Well-Tempered Clavier Book 2, with 24 pianists

February 10th—New York, NY, 92 Street Y, 12pm, Cunningham & Complexity, works by Earl Brown and Bo Nillson

January 19th—New York, NY, le poisson rouge, 7:30 p.m., SERIAL COPLAND, with JACK Quartet. Copland’s Piano Variations, Piano Quartet, and Piano Fantasy

January 11th—New York, NY, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, 7 p.m. works by John Cage in conjunction with C.F. Peters and the launch of their iPad app, Tido.

December 13th—New York, NY, Sheen Center, Erik Satie: The Velvet Gentleman, performing music by Satie, Thomson and Cage

December 9th—New York, NY, DiMenna Center for Classical Music, music by Earle Brown and John King, presented by Tenth Intervention

November 21st— (private) New York, NY, Baryshnikov Arts Center, 7 p.m., unprepared piano works by John Cage with readings from his letters by Laura Kuhn, Executive Director of the John Cage Trust

October 22nd—Chicago, IL, Experimental Sound Studio, 7:30, Morton Feldman’s Palais de Mari

August 20th—Woodstock, NY, Maverick Concerts, 6 p.m., Copland’s Piano Fantasy and Bach’s Concerto in A Major for keyboard and strings

August 18th—Brooklyn, NY, National Sawdust, Music by Nico Muhly with punk band Marching Church, curated by Elizabeth Peyton

August 16th—New York, NY, Matthew Barney Studio, private, music by Nico Muhly

August 4th—Philadelphia Museum of Art, 5 p.m. Memorial for Ellsworth Kelly, works for violin and piano by Cage, Takemitsu and Justen

July 31st— Maui, HI, Ebb and Flow Arts, 8 p.m. Piano Synergy Festival, playing works by Bartók, Brown and Feldman

July 29th—Maui, HI, 7 p.m. Ebb and Flow Arts, Piano Synergy Festival, playing works for Multiple Pianos by Berger, Walker, Stravinsky, Copland and Oliver.

July 9th—New York, NY 10 p.m., Dixon Place, IN COLLEGE, works by Bartok, Beethoven, Baker and Tendler

June 21st—New York, NY, 1-4 p.m. Make Music New York, Cornelia Street (outdoor event), works for multiple pianos by Brown, Eastman, Cage, Glass

June 1st—New York, NY 7:30 p.m., Sheen Center for Thought and Culture, The Terrace Where the Moon Holds Court: The Complete Preludes of Debussy

May 8th—New York, NY 2:30 p.m., Lincoln Center, Bruno Walter Auditorium, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, works by John Cage with the composer’s original manuscripts on display

May 1st—Bennington, VT, 4:30 p.m., works by Cage and Stravinsky

April 22nd—Ft Myers, FL, 8 p.m., Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Music of John Cage

February 12th—New York, NY, 7 p.m., Third Street Music School, duo recital with Joan Forsyth featuring works by Stravinsky and Copland

January 7th—Baltimore, MA, Peabody Conservatory, New Music Gathering, 5:15 p.m., Concert Two: Theatricality in New Music, performing Nathan Hall’s Tame Your Man for bondage and piano

December 20th—New York, NY, 4:31 p.m., DiMenna Center for Classical Music, A Very George Crumb Christmas

December 4th—Astoria, NY, Museum of the Moving Image, 7 p.m., UnCaged Festival, world premiere Christina Oorebeek’s EDGES for toy piano, film, tape, and amplified plexiglass

December 3rd—Brooklyn, NY, The Firehouse Space, 8 p.m., works by Morton Feldman

November 7th—Philadelphia, PA, 8 p.m. <fidget>, Minimal/Maximal Piano, performing Morton Feldman’s Palais de Mari from memory with MIDI controlled visuals

November 6th—New York, NY, 7 p.m.,Third Street Music School Settlement, performing works by Henry Cowell

October 26th—Brooklyn, NY, 8 p.m. Roulette, DANCEROULETTE with Boomerang Dance, improvisation and music by Cage and Lang

October 16th—Philadelphia, PA, Bowerbird, time TBA, Julius Eastman, “Crazy Nigger” for 4 pianos, led by Joseph Kubera

September 13th— London, U.K., St. John’s Smith Square, Occupy the Pianos Festival, 13:00, PHRYGIAN PALAIS: memorized performance of Morton Feldman’s Palais de Mari, with alongside Eliza McCarthy performing Adams’s Phrygian Gates

September 12th London, U.K., St. John’s Smith Square, Occupy the Pianos Festival, 22:00, DISSONANT STATES: solo recital with works by Cage, Cowell, Copland, Hind, and readings from 88x50.

September 11th—London, U.K., St. John’s Smith Square, Occupy the Pianos Festival, 19:00, DRILL: Rasmussen’s GENGKLANG

July 28th—New York, NY, Spectrum, 7 p.m., 24 Pianist Well-Tempered Clavier Book One, J.S. Bach (organizer of event)

July 4th—Woodstock, NY, Maverick Theatre, 6 p.m., John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes and works by Henry Cowell

June 28th—New York, NY, Spectrum, 6 p.m., To Embrace Sea Monsters: 2nd Annual Spectrum Pride Concert works by Cowell, Busby and Nurock (with Don Hulbert, flute and Heidi Skok, mezzo-soprano)

June 25th—Brooklyn, NY, Roulette, with String Orchestra of Brooklyn, Krzysztof Penderecki’s Dimensions of Time and Silence

June 20th—Brooklyn, NY, Firehouse Space, 7:30 p.m. BREAK OUT by Sandra Sprecher for two pianos and electronics and Morton Feldman’s IXION for two pianos

June 20th-21st—West-Park Presbyterian Church (86th/Amsterdam), Make Music NY: 24-hour keyboard marathon, Arthur Jarvinen’s Serious Immobilities and Randall Woolf’s Spineless Dog (Adam Tendler @ midnight to 3 a.m.)

May 2nd—Philadelphia, PA, 8 p.m., First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia with Artsong Repertory Theatre Company, Jeremy Gill’s Whitman Portrait (World Premiere)

May 6th—Brooklyn NY, Manhattan Inn, 7 p.m., TRUTH & SUBTERFUGE, Songs and works for speaking pianist by Gerald Busby

April 16-17—Greenpoint, NY, Trikselion Arts, 7:30 p.m. performance with BOOMERANG Dance, works by Cage and Lang

April 9th—New York City, NY, DiMenna Center for Classical Music, 7:30 p.m.(tent), Nathan Hall’s evening-length “Tame Your Man” for piano and bondage.


December 10th—New York City, NY, Columbia University Italian Academy, 8 p.m., “Berio in New York,” a joint recital with Sarah Cahill

December 3rd—Berkeley, CA, Berkeley Arts Festival, 8 p.m., Berio in New York, a joint recital with Sarah Cahill

October 17th—New York City, NY, Third Street Music School Settlement, 8 p.m., performing Lisa Kaplan’s “whirligig” (2013) for piano 4 hands with Adam Marks

September 20th—Bard College, Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, Annandale on Hudson, 8 p.m., John Cage Weekend, “Ten Thousand Things,” performing 31’57.9864” for a pianist.

July 19th—Brooklyn, NY, Sardine, evening-length realization of original work “Lint/Boo,Forever” with dance

July 11th—Maui, HI, Makawao Union Church, works by Copland, Cone, and Palmer

June 29th—NY, NY, Spectrum 3 p.m., All-Copland: Three Scenes from Our Town, Piano Fantasy, Duo for Flute and Piano with Don Hulbert

June 20th—NY, NY, Spectrum,  7 p.m., Steven Gerber’s Three Duets

June 5th—Brooklyn, NY, Firehouse Space, premiere of “Breakout” for two pianos and electronics, by Sandra Sprecher

April 18th—NY, NY, Spectrum, 7:30, New Music Collective, “Postcard from 88x50”

April 4th—NY, NY, NYU, 3:35, Piano Collegium Series, 3rd Avenue @ 11th St, Rm. C205, premiere of “In College” for live speaker and 8 pre-recorded voices, 3:35 p.m.

February 22nd—Santa Monica, CA, First Presbyterian Church, John Cage’s complete Sonatas and Interludes, 5 p.m.


October 19th—San Francisco, CA, Center for New Music, joint solo recital with Sarah Cahill. Works by Glass, Chessa, Porter, and Palmer

October 25th/tbd—Lawrence, KS, residency at University of Kansas, including readings, discussions, and a recital of works by Glass, Chessa, Porter, Palmer, and Copland. 

October 30th—Brooklyn, NY, Roulette, 8 p.m., Double-Edge Dance. Works by Ross Feller

November 1st—Ann Arbor, MI, University of Michigan, UMMA, 8 p.m., works by Virgil Thomson, David Del Tredici, Ned Rorem, John Cage, and Charles Tomlinson Griffes

November 16th—Chicago, IL, Pianoforte, 7:30, two-piano recital with Andy Costello. Works by Lang, Reich, Palmer, Copland, and others.

December 7th—New York, NY, Carnegie Hall (Weill Hall), 8 p.m., AGBU Performing Artists in Concert. Works by Khachaturian, Barreiro, Tchaikovsky, DeFalla, Mansurian  

December 13—Brooklyn, NY, Firehouse Space, Collide-O-Scope. Works by John Cage and others

December 13th/tbd—Brooklyn, NY, First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn, Music at First. Works by John Glover


June 18th—Bard College, Red Hook, NY, Patricia Spencer’s Now and Present Seminar

May 10th—First Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn Heights, NY, performing John Glover’s “Postcard” for piano and electronics

March 17th — Roulette, Brooklyn, NY, joint recital with Sarah Cahill of new works

Notable 2012 Performances

March 11th — New York, NY, Rubin Museum of Art, John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes, 4 p.m.

April 5th — New York, NY, Dixon Place, things i’ve never done in public” (works by Anthony Porter, Aaron Copland, Josef Haydn, John Cage, and live original readings by Adam Tendler), 8 p.m.

August 10th — New York, NY, Soho House, solo improvisation, 6-8 p.m.

August 31st — Wellfleet, MA, Wellfleet Public Library, 7:30 p.m., John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes

September 1st — Boston, MA, Seully Hall, Boston Conservatory, 7 p.m., John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes

September 5th — New York City, NY, Symphony Space, 3 p.m. John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes,

September 7-8 — Santa Monica, CA, Miles Playhouse, 7 p.m. Satie’s Vexations

September 9th — Santa Monica, CA, Annenberg Beach House, 4:30 p.m., John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes

September 14th — Burlington, VT, FlynnSpace, 8 p.m. John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes

September 23rd — Brooklyn, NY, South Oxford Space, 7 p.m., John Cage’s Composition in Retrospect and Cartridge Music

September 29th — Long Island City, NY, Secret Theatre, 3 p.m., John Cage’s Cartridge Music and Apartment House 1776

October 4-5th  — Gambier, OH, Kenyon College, John Cage Residency

October 8th — New York, NY, Soho House, solo improvisation, 6-8 p.m.

October 18th — New York, NY, Stonewall Inn, 8 p.m. with Dandy Darkly

October 11th — Sarasota, FL, Ringling Festival, 8 p.m., John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes

October 20th — New York, NY, DiMenna Center (at Baryshnikov Arts Center), 8 p.m., works by Cage and Anthony Porter

November 1st — Boston, MA, Human Rights Campaign, private function, reading from 88x50 and other writings

November 16th — Lincoln, NE, Sheldon Museum of Art, 8 p.m., John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes

November 24th — Montpelier, VT, Bethany Church, “Night Thoughts,” music by Rorem, Lang, Cage, Copland, and others

November 27th — New York, NY, Deutsches Haus, NYU, 6:30, works by Gerald Busby

December 8th — New York, NY, Spectrum, 6:30 p.m., “Night Thoughts,” with proceeds benefitting The Ali Forney Center

December 14th — Houston, TX, Rothko Chapel, 7 p.m., “Night Thoughts,” works by Copland, Ives, Rorem, Lang, and others

December 26th — San Diego, CA, San Diego Public Library (820 E St.), 6:30 p.m., “Night Thoughts”

Selected Previous Solo Concerts

September 18th, 1999: VERMONT, Debut Recital at Barre Opera House

2000-2003: INDIANA, Performances through Indiana University’s Office of Attractions

June 8th, 2005: NEW YORK, Poughkeepsie, Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center
June 16th: WEST VIRGINIA, Morgantown, Monongalia Arts Center,
June 20th: INDIANA, Bloomington, Indiana University Recital Hall
June 25th: ILLINOIS, Chicago, People's Music School
July 6th: IOWA, Spencer, Arts on Grand,
July 8th: SOUTH DAKOTA, Flandreau, Crystal Theatre
July 10th-16th: NORTH DAKOTA, International Peace Gardens, IMC Auditorium
July 17th: MINNESOTA, Bigfork, The Edge of the Wilderness Center for the Arts
July 21st: MONTANA, Bozeman, Leaf and Bean Concert Series

July 25th: IDAHO, Sandpoint, The Panida Theatre

July 29th: WYOMING, Lander, Fremont County Library
August 2nd: NEW MEXICO, Raton, Shuler Theatre
August 4th: OKLAHOMA, Tulsa, German-American Society
August 9th: KENTUCKY, Lexington, LexArts Gallery
August 11th: MARYLAND, Easton, Avalon Theatre
August 12th: DELAWARE, Milford, The Delaware Music School
August 15th: PENNSYLVANIA, Chambersburg, Cumberland Valley Music School
August 17th: NORTH CAROLINA, Nashville, NashArts
August 20th: FLORIDA, Vero Beach, Academy of the Performing Arts
August 22nd: TENNESSEE, Nashville, Vanderbilt University, Blair School of Music
August 26th: SOUTH CAROLINA, Dewees Island & Creative Spark Center for the Arts
August 28th: VIRGINIA, Marion, The Lincoln Theatre
September 10th: MASSACHUSETTS, Wellfleet-Cape Cod, Wellfleet Public Library
October 7th: OHIO, Cleveland, Broadway School of Music
October 13th: COLORADO, Denver, Denver School of the Arts

October 15th: UTAH, Park City, Park City Arts and Music Conservatory
October 21st: NEVADA, Reno, Sierra Arts Gallery

October 24th: CALIFORNIA, San Francisco, Piedmont Pianos Company
October 30th: HAWAII, Maui, Studio Maluhia
November 5th and 6th: ALASKA, Juneau, University of Alaska, Egan Hall

November 13th: WASHINGTON, Seattle, Church of St. John the Baptist
November 15th: OREGON, Corvalis, Church of the Good Samaritan
December 1st: KANSAS, Salina, The Stiefel Theatre
December 11th: NEBRASKA, Lincoln, Engel Recital Hall at Union College
December 17th: WISCONSIN, Madison, Madison Center for Creative/Cultural Arts
January 7th, 2006: NEW HAMPSHIRE, North Conway, Christ Episcopal Church
January 13th: MAINE, Portland, Portland Conservatory of Music
February 4th: CONNECTICUT, The Buttonwood Tree
February 25th: RHODE ISLAND, Pawtucket, Pawtucket Public Library,
February 26th: NEW JERSEY, Watchung, Watchung Arts Center
March 26th: GEORGIA, Conyers, Rockdale Auditorium
April 3rd: ALABAMA, Fairhope, Eastern Shore Art Center
April 11th: MISSISSIPPI, Biloxi, First Presbyterian Church of Biloxi
April 16th: LOUISIANA, New Orleans, Trinity Episcopal Church
April 21st: TEXAS, Houston, M.E.C.A
April 30th: ARIZONA, Tucson, St. Philip's in the Fields Episcopal Church

June 2nd: VERMONT, Plainfield, Goddard College Haybarn

May 18, 2007: TEXAS, Houston, Rothko Chapel

June 28, HAWAII, Maui, Seabury Hall

October 3rd: TEXAS, Houston, Rothko Chapel, Mukuru Arts for AIDS

November 2nd, 2008: ALASKA, Juneau, Juneau Arts & Culture Center

November 5th: NEVADA, Reno, Trinity Episcopal Church

January 9th: TEXAS, Houston: Hilton Americas Cabaret for a Cure

March 23rd: TEXAS, Houston, Rothko Chapel

May 23rd: TEXAS, Houston, Shepherd School of Music

January 23rd 2009, ILLINOIS, Chicago, Experimental Piano Series

February 26th & 27th, 2009: OKLAHOMA, Tulsa, Living Arts Festival

January 9th, 2010, NEW YORK, New York City, Dixon Place HOT! Festival

January 22nd 2010: CALIFORNIA, San Francisco, Old First Concerts

July 7th, 2010: NEW YORK, New York City, Dixon Place HOT! Festival

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011: NEW YORK, New York City, Dixon Place HOT! Festival

August 12th: CALIFORNIA, San Francisco, Old First Concerts

February 15, 2012: MARYLAND, Baltimore, Mobtown Music Series

February 25th: WASHINGTON, Seattle, Nonsequitor Music Series

February 27th: OREGON, Portland, Portland State University

March 11th: NEW YORK, New York City, Rubin Museum of Art